Sub al Sur.

We have been operating as a diving club for years, until we decided to start a tourist business and expand our activities. We would like to point out our experiences in the underwater world and the most interesting places for the divers. In this way, we can move into a very lively and beautiful underwater world, which we hope to enjoy for a long time.

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We are dive instructors and also instructors of navigation. We are enthusiastic about the doctrine of the underwater world, that’s why:

  • We offer diving courses at any level. Learn to dive or continue your training.
  • Realize “baptism of diving!”. A first dive into the experience without any previous knowledge or previous courses. 50 minutes.
  • Guided dives for already certified divers from shallow to deep.

For the EXPERTS!

For this kind of reservations, we have the permission of the Ministry for Agriculture and Environment. These are deep dives and require certain knowledge and experience and adequate credentials.

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