El Cabo a Vela
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Meridian Splendor, the sailing ship of the Cape

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The Meridian Splendour was registered in Southampton on September 18, 1979. It is a ferro-cement kecht sailboat manufactured in Westerham, Kent, at the Potter and Bishop shipyards.

Alan Buchanan (1922-2015) is the naval architect and aeronautical engineer who designed it, known worldwide for being the one who created the first fiberglass yacht in Europe. He designed more than 2,400 boats, also to compete in ocean races. And in the 60’s he was already a legend for the craftsmanship design of his beautiful and fast boats.

After innumerable adventures in the Caribbean and the southern seas, The Meridian Splendour now crosses the waters of Cabo de Gata in search of new adventures.

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